Seton Castle

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Seton Timeline

  1. 1100s
    Lands acquired by the Seton Family
  2. 1448
    Seton family are made ‘Lords Seton’
  3. 1306
    Sir Christopher Seton saves the life of King Robert I of Scotland at the Battle of Methven
  4. 1513
    George – 3rd Lord Seton killed at the Battle of Flodden
  5. 1544
    Original Seton Castle is destroyed by the English
  6. 1500s
    5th Lord Seton builds Seton Palace
  7. 1558
    George, 5th Lord Seton goes to Paris as witness at the marriage of Mary Queen of Scots to the Dauphin of France.
  8. 1565
    Mary and Lord Darnley reside at Seton awaiting the reading of their wedding banns.
  9. 1566
    Mary retreats to Seton following the death of her dear Private Secretary, Rizzio.
  10. 1567
    On the 16th of February, the day after Darnley's funeral, Mary rides to Seton House, accompanied by the Earls of Bothwell, Huntly, and Argyll, Archbishop Hamilton of St. Andrews, Lords Fleming and Livingstone, and Maitland of Lethington, all of whom were implicated in the plot to kill Darnley and about one hundred attendants.
  11. 1567
    Mary writes using a diamond ring upon a window of the great Hall – called Sampson’s Hall – at Seton these Latin verses: “Sunt comites, ducesque alii, sunt denique reges; Setoni dominum sit satis esse mihi” – translated by Sir Walter Scott as “Earl, Duke or King, be thou that list to be: Seton, thy Lordship is enough for me”
  12. 1567
    Mary causes scandal by playing golf at Seton after being sent there, in mourning, “to have change of air” by her Privvy Council because of “the state of her health”.
  13. 1567
    Mary’s army camps at Seton in the nights before the Battle of Carberry Tower
  14. 1568
    Mary escapes imprisonment at Lochleven with the help of Lord Seton
  15. 1603
    King James I (son of Mary) stops at Seton on his way to be crowned King of the Union of Scotland and England
  16. 1715
    Brigadier William Mackintosh, Laird of Borlum and his 2,000 Highlanders slip out of Leith by night and forcefully occupy Seton
  17. 1715
    Seton Palace destroyed during the Jacobite uprising
  18. 1789
    Ruins of Seton Palace are purchased
  19. 1789
    Robert Adam commissioned to create Seton Castle from the ruins of the Palace
  20. 1791
    Robert Adam dines at Seton during his last Scottish visit.
  21. 1798
    Seton acquired by the Earls of Wemyss
  22. 2003
    The Wemyss estate sell Seton Castle